An Apology to Shia Lebeouf

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In the very off chance that Mr. LaBeouf sees this, I have written something for you.

Dear Mr. LaBeouf,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. What I DO know is that several years ago you were in a franchise that I loved dearly. You probably know which one. And I will freely admit that I was on your hate bandwagon for a while. Thinking back, I don’t even know why. I liked the films-I have the toys to prove that-, and I never found your character distracting. A bit boring, maybe, but never distracting.

Perhaps it was the influence of the masses, or perhaps I was a very impressionable young kid, who didn’t really appreciate the movies back then, but someway or another I started to dislike you. I know, hating someone based on their outward appearances and not for who they really are, pretty stupid, right? I probably should’ve have been more open-minded, but alas, I wasn’t, and your random bouts of social experimentation didn’t really help that either.

When I first heard the news of you doing this #allmymovies thing, I wasn’t surprised. You were known as the ‘just-do-it’ guy, a freaking joke, and I wasn’t going to take you seriously right then and now. In fact, I didn’t even really participate in your experiment. I popped into the website, saw your face for a few seconds, and then closed the tab. I didn’t know what you movie you were watching then, and frankly, I couldn’t care less about you watching movies for 3 days straight.

But you know what? After reading about your event on various news-sites, and watching some pictures, I found something in you that I didn’t know you had. Humanity. You watching your own films, laughing, cringing, crying, basically showing emotion, is what opened my eyes. Like I said, nobody took you seriously, including me. Some people still don’t. Your most famous films ‘shat’ on beloved franchises from people’s childhoods, and you took the blunt of the hate because you were one of the main stars in them. It was easy to hate you, so people did. You were a punching bag. But now, as weird as it sounds, you look more ‘human’ to me. You aren’t a punching bag, you’re a person with feelings and needs and desires. It’s not your fault you got it bad, you just had a string of bad luck.

And so, on behalf of my young stupid self, I would like to apologize to you, Mr. Labeouf. I judged a metaphorical book by its cover and am only now realizing my fault, because in all honesty, you look like a pretty cool guy. I would probably share a beer with you if I could. I’m sorry for ever hating you based on bias, and while I have no idea what you are going to do next, I hope that it works out for you in the end. By God you deserve at least some positive things said about you.


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