Month: January 2016

It’s Such a Beautiful Day – Review #57

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What a way to start the year.

It's Such a Beautiful DayIt’s such a Beautiful Day, created by Don Hertzfeldt, is a story about Bill. Who is Bill, you may ask? That’s a question you should answer yourself, because you should watch this movie now.

No, I’m serious. Go watch it now. There’s torrents available, go do it. Now. It’s only an hour long, and I can easily think of worse movies to waste that hour with. Go on, shoo.

You guys back? Great. Did you like it? Nah, wait, “like” is too strong a word after just finishing it. Were you affected by it? Did its story linger on in your mind after the credits, when all you see is just blank white? Did its animation and visuals haunt you, scare you, yet entrance you into this spastic world of lost memories and hazy recollections? Did it’s narration amused you, confused you with its strange sense of humor, and utterly grabbed your attention? Did its story captivated you from the moment it started, going through this journey of one man’s life and searching, all to the very transcendent end? Did you ponder on what in the blue hell did you just watch, and reprimanded yourself for not watching this sooner? If so, congratulations, you are me.

It’s such a Beautiful Day is a work of fantastic art, and Don Hertzfeldt is its genius maker. Consider me on his bandwagon.