Top Hat – Review #43

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Oh, post-Depression pre-WW2 times, how I miss you. You were so much…trusting back then.

Top HatTop Hat, directed Mark Sandrich, stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, one of the most celebrated cinematic duos of all time. This is their 3rd picture as the leading man and lady. Fred plays Jerry Travers, an American dancer who comes to London to play in a show. Through the magical powers of his feet, he meets and falls in love with Dale Tremont, played by Gingers. The rest of the movie focuses on Jerry’s attempts at courting Dale, all the while suffering from a big misunderstanding.

Fred Astaire, dancing extraordinaire. Ginger Rogers, able to do everything Fred does but with high heels. They are of course, well known for their dancing skills, and even have singing and acting talents to boot. Fred was a great male lead, having the class to pull of a character that can be considered creepy. His footwork in this movie is also spectacular, but then, why would you expect less? Ginger is also great as the talented damsel, giving charm to a character that for the most part of the movie was the butt of it’s joke.

Now, I am very picky when it comes to music. I am the type of person that only gets songs I’ve heard. and disregard the album it came from. Even if I did so, if the music wasn’t catchy, it goes bye-bye. So, in regards to the songs in Top Hat, I find them thoroughly entertaining to listen to, but not really memorable. Most of the singing is done by Astaire, and he does have a very nice voice, but the lyrics and beat are just too standard for me.

Story-wise, it ain’t much. It’s your standard screwball romantic comedy you would expect from the era, just with dance sequences added in. It’s not bad, it’s just not much to rite home about.

All in all, Top Hat is a very fun movie to watch, but it’s not a movie that will ‘stick’. Still, watch it if you want to see Fred Astaire do his magic. will put a spell on you, all the while looking dapper as all heck.